Friday, February 10, 2012

fresh brewed coffee!

As a child I can remember the local A&P store grinding the 8 o'clock coffee and the smells that could be enjoyed as we drove through town and by the store was fantastic! Today I discovered a local coffee roasting company who brings in green beans and roasts them to order . Here is a picture of a 5 lb bag of coffee that was roasted only 24 hours ago. I am so excited about my cup of coffee in the morning!!!

I am looking for some people who are interested in splitting the roasted coffee. We have to order 25 lbs or more at a time and would like to share with whomever is interested. Want to do some research about the roasting company go to Sandra Grimes, Creative Consultant Stamping' Up! independent Demonstrator

Location:Handcart Rd,Dade City,United States

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