Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simply Scored Scoring Tool (#122334)

I love using paper to make 3-D projects! Now, you might be thinking that is a little over the top, that 3-D projects take too much time. Well, I’ve got the solution for you! The Simply Scored Scoring Tool makes creating 3-D projects faster and easier than ever! It fits 12” x 12” paper, has full rulers across the top and down the left side that are marked at every 1/8”. Plus there is a centering ruler along the top edge. The unique design includes holes for place markers at every 1/8” interval. The markers are great for saving time when scoring multiple projects and for making 3-D projects, like boxes. Storage compartments and a place for the included ergonomically designed stylus are great bonus features. The stylus has two tip sizes so you can choose which you prefer. The refined steel tip gets even smoother with use instead of wearing out like plastic tools do. With its sturdy yet lightweight design it doesn’t bow or slip around when you are scoring. You need to get your hands on this amazing tool so you can see for yourself how fun creating 3-D projects can be!

Tip: Sticky Strip is a must since you’ll make more boxes and 3-D projects now that scoring is so simple!

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