Thursday, August 15, 2013

Want to earn Hostess Dollars but don't have a $150.00 Order?

August Hostess Awards Code -3BZCN6AC - Last chance to order is August 31st.
Here is how the Hostess awards are going to work. Every two weeks  I am going to post a Hostess Code. If your order is less than $150.00 then you will use the Hostess code during the ordering process. I will then place all the names of the folks who ordered using the same hostess code in a hat and the lucky winner will receive the Hostess awards. This could be $25.00 or more depending upon how many folks order.  Remember if your order is over $150.00 you will want to go straight to my website and place the order not using the Hostess Code. This way you get the hostess benefits during the order.

Here is the link to place your order-
Then click on the Shop button located in the upper right side of my home page.
If you have questions let me know. Otherwise have fun and good luck.

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