Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 4

We were up early ready for our first tour stop- Naples!

We are so excited being in the tour bus ready to see Sorrento and Pompei. 
Behind us is the city of Sorrento. We just fell in love with Sorrento! A city of wine and beautiful pottery! We were able to walk and and shop for an hour and then off to Pompeii 
As I am sure you have heard the story - Mount Vesuvius 
erupted in AD79 covering a village. We saw castings of a child that died in his bed. Very sad but it was truly amazing that we could walk the streets of an city that existed so many years ago.
I won't bore you with lots of pictures only a couple of my favorites of Pompeii. The picture below is a street running through the middle of town and why it is interesting? Can you see the narrow ruts? They were made by chariots! The three stones are there so that when it rained a person on foot could step across the street without getting their feet wet.


The picture below is the McDonald's of Pompeii. 

Life was busy back then too so when you had no time to fix a meal at home you stopped by here - reach in to the bowls for the food and enjoy! I just hope they washed their hands before they came by.


This picture I am sure you have seen. This man was caught in his home, died from the poisonous gases and then his body preserved by the lava.  So sad... But then again cool for us because we get a glimmer of what humans were like during the turn of the century.
The day did end on a happy note though- I was able to go to the hospitality  room and spin the wheel. I won a stampset and the icing on the cake was the pillow gift!  The complete Foral suite form the catalog. Wow! My favorite thing out of the catalog! Thank you Stampin' Up!


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