Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 5

The day started early again for us. We were in Rome and off to see the what this wonderful city had to offer. The first stop, the Colosseum.  There were soooo many people! The other thing that was going on was the Unions were striking so it was even more loud and crowded. Below my hubby managed to get a picture of me in front of the Colosseum .
We wondered around Rome learning more history than I will ever remember. We had lunch at a fabulous Italian Resturant .
You see I had a classic Italian meal of pasta and wine. Oh Mama Mia! It was so good!

Next stop, 
We were not allowed to take pictures inside so I have none to share. Richard took tons of pictures inside the museum, but there was so much that I can't remember the history behind the pictures. There were so many people too it was really hard to enjoy it. I can say I was there! I would like to return when I can walk through at a slower pace with less people.

So we were exhausted by the time we got back to the boat. I did however find enough energy to go to the hospitality room and spin the wheel to receive some ribbon.  Oh and my Pillow gift??
 A cute hipster Dooney purse! Boy was I pampered. Thanks so much Stampin' Up!

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