Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coupon Promotion- $5.00 off with every $50.00 order

Here are the Details from Stampin' Up:

·         Promotion period: July 7–31, 2016

·         Promotion Deadlines: July 29, 2016

·         Coupon Redemption period: August 2–31, 2016

·         Redemption Deadline:  August 31

·         A valid email address is required to participate in this promotion; Bonus Days coupon codes can only be delivered to participants via email so be sure it's an email you can access to retrieve your coupon.

·         We strongly recommend that participants both save emails containing their Bonus Days coupon codes AND write down the coupon codes in a safe place—the codes cannot be resent if the participant loses the email, SU cannot recover lost codes.

·         Participants will receive a $5 Bonus Days coupon code via email for every $50 they spend in a single order (catalog price before shipping and tax). There is no limit to the number of coupons participants can receive per order or throughout the duration of the promotion. There is no limit on the number of coupons participants can use on an order during redemption.

·         Bonus Days coupons codes can be used in the checkout process during the redemption period. (you will need to email it to the coupon code if I'm placing the order for you)

·         If your order is over $150, you will still be able to earn host rewards along with coupons.

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