Monday, August 21, 2017

5 Organizational tips for crafters

I love this quote by Ben Franklin-"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." It is so true. If you spend 5 minutes looking for one supply and if it is five things that take you 5 minutes, then twenty-five minutes you have wasted. Think about it.....

So the five tips for today-
Don't procrastinate
The longer you wait to organize your space, the more difficult it will become. Now is a great time to start!
Schedule time for crafting AND for clean up
When you plan time to craft, be sure and also schedule time to clean up your space.
Archive your supplies
Keep a record of what you have. Don't just rely on memory. If possible make it easy to access when away from home so you can double check if you already have a specific color.
Everything gets a home
Store supplies in the proper place. Things will get lost if you don't have a home. You can even use labels to help remember where supplies go, but NEVER label anything miscellaneous. You'll also save time during clean up if you put supplies away as you go.
Let things go
Declutter regularly and keep only what you'll need. Don't hang onto those scraps of paper you've had for years. Dispose of old ink pads you don't have refills for. Throw away dried up markers. Sell it, throw it, donate it! Have a plan of where you'll discard items. Will you sell it, throw it away or donate it? Set piles for each as you declutter your space.

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