Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner- What a wonderful time.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had most of my family around to enjoy wonderful food. I lucked out because my daughter and her husband agreed to do the cooking this year! Whoot! Whoot!
They did a wonderful job and all I had to do was clean up the dishes. Below are some pictures of my family. This first picture was taken because Steven had to go to work and some of the other family members could not arrive until later closer to dinner.

Back Row - Left to Right- Me, Steven (Terri's Husband), Terri (Michael's Sister), Diane (Michael's Mom), Michael (son-in-law), Stephanie (daughter), Richard (husband)
Front Row Left to Right- Sam (Nephew), Wilbur (my Father) Cassandra (daughter of Terri & Steven)
Mikayla (daughter of Terri & Steven) and missing is Vanessa (daughter of Terri & Steven) who could not be here because she had to work. 

Later on in the day my Son came with his girlfriend and her family. 
Back Row - Left to Right- Me, Terri, Diane, Mikayla, Richard, Paulina (my Son's girlfriend), Yanni (Paulina's Brother), Maria, (Paulina's Mother), Jimmy (Paulina's Father), Harrison (my son -the tall one), Sam
Front Row Left to Right- Cassandra, Wilbur, Stephanie & Michael. Oh and I almost forgot, next to Stephanie is Sirius (her new puppy) and Scout (next to Michael).
It was such a nice day! 
Hope your Thanksgiving was a peaceful fun time. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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